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Visiting the Sanctuary of St Patrick, Lough Derg

Greetings from Lough Derg and welcome to our online home. It is our hope that you will find everything you need to know about the sacred Sanctuary of St Patrick, Lough Derg, should you need more detailed information please contact us through the website.

This place apart has been welcoming pilgrims for over a thousand years. In the past 150 years, over 2 million people have spent time in prayer and contemplation on the Holy Island. Stories about Lough Derg and the legendary Three Day Pilgrimage have spanned the centuries and as far back as records go, have been associated with St Patrick. The flame of faith, hope and love once lit in Ireland by St Patrick in the fifth century, continues to be rekindled year after year by generations of pilgrims families.

Lough Derg is a small island and is variously called Lough Derg (Lake of the Cave), Purgatorium Sancti Patricii (St Patrick’s Sanctuary or Purgatory).

Today, it is simply known as Lough Derg.

To come on Pilgrimage or Retreat to Lough Derg, for one day or three days, one walks in the spiritual footsteps of St Patrick. Today, pilgrims young and old walk side by side in this place apart in a contemplative tradition that links them with St Patrick. More information on booking a One Day Retreat or the Three Day Pilgrimage available here.

The Island receives individual pilgrims and organised groups for the Three Day Pilgrimage, One Day Retreats and Special Retreat Days. Outside the programme of Pilgrimage and Retreats there are days during the week where we facilitate school retreats and National & International Tours, more information on tours here.

During the Spring, Summer and Autumn months many people visit the lakeshore at Lough Derg. Located at the lakeshore is a Welcome area where people can read some of the history and there are significant items to view that touch a little on the history of this area. Many people also like to undertake the Pilgrim Walk at the lakeshore and from many vantage points on the walk the Island is in view. To read more about the Pilgrim Path here.


The Island facilities are also available for Private Retreats, Conferences & Corporate Breaks in keeping with the ethos of Lough Derg


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