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Pilgrims of Lough Derg

Pilgrims regularly share with us why they come to experience Lough Derg. In January 2018 a poll on social media continued to affirm the top three motivating reasons for people to experience this place apart;


“I go to carry on the family tradition passed down to me by my parents.”

“To think we are kissing the same cross our parents and grandparents kissed. Stepping bare foot on the same stones, escaping the fast pace of life for a few days.”

“To feel part of something greater than yourself.”


“In thanksgiving for my faith.”

“I also go in thanksgiving. For many years family and work commitments made it impossible to go. I am now thankful to have the chance to return and please God will continue to do so.”


“The peace and tranquillity with no phones or noise. I always feel energetic and renewed after my time on the Island.”

“The peace and tranquillity, how powerful doing it is, the strength one receives to carry them through until the next season.”

“I love the peace and will be back again.”


As one pilgrim also put it on reflection of her pilgrimage;

Lough Derg is a special place, a hidden treasure. It is pure and untarnished. It is a place of beauty and rhythm, which provides sanctuary from much of the slavery of modern living – no mobile phones, no Wi-Fi, no TV just the sounds of the creatures of nature, the lapping of the lake water, and buildings and spaces which nourish the spirit.”

To link to video reflections from pilgrims visit here


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