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Lough Derg

The Fourteenth Station held by Mary, depicted as Queen of Apostles

11.April 2020.

The final station is held by Mary, depicted as Queen of Apostles. The moon under her feet recalls the crowned woman of the Book of Revelation, who plays her part in the great struggle with the power of evil. THE BODY OF JESUS IS LAID IN THE TOMB It was now evening; the long day […]

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The second in a series of four reflections on St Brigid and her story

08.February 2020.

Hello again from Lough Derg, agus fáilte chuig séipéal N. Bríde, St Brigid’s Chapel at the Visitor Centre on the lakeshore, and to another little reflection on St Brigid and her story. I have here a St Brigid’s Cross, freshly made from the fine rushes that grow in abundance locally, both in Donegal and Fermanagh. […]

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Lough Derg Annual Draw 2019

26.June 2019.

Lough Derg’s Annual Draw continues to be well supported by Lough Derg pilgrims and the wider pilgrim family. In the short video below the Prior, Fr La Flynn, extends his deep gratitude to all the supporters of the Draw – the many faithful from yesterday, today and those of tomorrow. The Annual Draw is the […]

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St Patrick’s Day 2018 and ‘Patrick the Pilgrim’ at Lough Derg

16.March 2018.

The Prior, Fr La Flynn, shares a little of the story of ‘Patrick the Pilgrim’ statue here at the national shrine to St Patrick, Station Island, Lough Derg. “The statue of St Patrick at the lake shore at the Sanctuary of St Patrick, Lough Derg, was created by Ken Thompson, the Cork sculptor, to mark […]

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Mary, Mother of God, pray for all mothers

10.March 2018.

Dear Lough Derg friends, have you noticed how Mothers Day always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent? In fact its roots are entangled with this time in the Christian calendar. In medieval Britain the Fourth Sunday of Lent was observed as a pilgrimage day to the cathedral as the ‘Mother Church’ of the diocese. […]

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The importance of Friendships

22.January 2018.

Fr La shares a lovely little insight on Pope Francis’ way of engaging with people, courtesy of The Irish Catholic’s Letter from Rome column by John L Allen Jr (Jan 18, 2018).  On the list of those scheduled for an audience with Pope Francis, Bishop Brian Farrell, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian […]

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Examen Prayer

28.December 2017.
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2017 Three Day Pilgrimage Season

01.June 2017.

For over 50 generations families have carried forward the faith of their families who made their way to Lough Derg. Lough Derg offers families a unique connection with their ancestoral family whose spiritual footsteps down the generations awaits them in this sacred Island. The Lough Derg Pilgrimage season connects us with the flame of faith, […]

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