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The second in a series of four reflections on St Brigid and her story

Hello again from Lough Derg, agus fáilte chuig séipéal N. Bríde, St Brigid’s Chapel at the Visitor Centre on the lakeshore, and to another little reflection on St Brigid and her story.

I have here a St Brigid’s Cross, freshly made from the fine rushes that grow in abundance locally, both in Donegal and Fermanagh.

You will probably know the story of St Brigid’s Cross: how one day as she was caring for an old man who was ill she picked up some of the rushes that were strewn as a covering on the floor of the cabin to help her tell the man the story of Jesus the Son of God who loved us and died for us on a cross and who is with us in all that comes our way.

I have known this story from when I was a child. But in recent years I notice that the aspect that now most takes my attention is the resourcefulness of Brigid: how she was able to use what she found to hand to open up a faith conversation with that man in his moment of need.

I don’t know about you, but it can happen to me, and not only on Lough Derg, that I find myself drawn to open a faith conversation with someone in their moment of need. But I sometimes am at a loss to open the conversation in a way that will be accessible and acceptable and respectful to the person I am with.

I am thinking today that perhaps a little prayer to St Brigid might bring the inspiration I need in moments like that.

Until next time, slán go fóill.

Monsignor La Flynn, 

Prior, Lough Derg

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