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Story of the Pilgrim Path

Lough Derg points to its rich history as it relaunched the Pilgrim Path during the summer of 2020. Whilst the path is not part of the modern pilgrimage it has a long association with pilgrims and it follows part of the route used by pilgrims in the Middle Ages.

To walk the pilgrim path at Lough Derg is to walk in the footsteps of our pilgrim ancestors. It is amazing to recall that in the 1400s pilgrims from as far away as Spain, Italy and Hungry used part of this trail as they made their way to what medieval Europe knew of as St Patrick’s Purgatory.

The destination of the medieval section of the Pilgrim Path is the site of the original monastery dating from the 6th Century until around 1600s. Today pilgrims who undertake the longer loop path have the opportunity to walk to the end of the path and look across the lake water to the place of the original monastery on Saints Island. It was from this Island that pilgrims were taken to Station Island the place of the modern pilgrimage. 

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