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General FAQs

We have put together the most popular enquiries we receive to help you learn more about Lough Derg and if you are planning to come on Pilgrimage or Retreat. This section also includes local accommodation available in the surrounding area.


Where is Lough Derg?

Lough Derg is a small island situated in rural County Donegal, four miles from the village of Pettigo. 

I am planning on coming to Lough Derg for the weekend but would like to stay somewhere locally-can you recommend anywhere?

There are various local Bed and Breakfasts situated within five mile from the Island Local Accommodation. Please refer to our accommodation guide for further information.


I am a student interested in the history of Lough Derg, how can I learn more about it’s history?

Lough Derg has existed as an ancient place of pilgrimage for over one thousand years. As such there is much written about the small island place of purgatory. There is a brief history in this section

For more information contact us.


What time is the office open?

Full details on opening times for both the pilgrimage season and off-season are available here.

2024 Season Programme

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