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Being Prepared

If you have never been to this unique place and are thinking about coming at some time we extend a special invitation to you.

To come on pilgrimage to Lough Derg, for one day or three days, one walks in the spiritual footsteps of St Patrick. Today, pilgrims young and old walk side by side in this place apart in a contemplative tradition that links them with St Patrick.

Lough Derg is a sacred space dedicated to St Patrick. The spirituality of St Patrick is remembered and renewed every year by pilgrims.

Coming away from everyday life offers the space to look at the past with understanding, make sense of the present and look to the shores of new possibilities.

Practical preparation is also very important in planning to Lough Derg please check out the ‘preparing for’ tips on this page.

2024 Season Programme

There are no event(s)!