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Quiet Days

In the hectic turmoil of modern living it is far too easy to lose sight of what is really important on our earthly pilgrimage. Taking time out from the hurly-burly allows for a time of reflection and spiritual regeneration.

As individuals we are trying to find our way in life and often this can be challenging in the busyness of the everyday. One gift we can give ourselves is time apart in peaceful reflection where the time clock of routine can take a back seat and the spirit can rest.

People often say it is difficult to switch off for a day and truly enter a state of peacefulness. Let us reassure you that is not the case on Lough Derg. The veil of serenity that envelopes the Island is inexplicable but it is more than this it is a chance to connect with our forebears and the strength of their prayer – to walk on the hallowed ground made sacred over the centuries and to breathe in the Christian spiritual history of the place.

A Quiet Day on Lough Derg is a self-directed day in the peaceful Island setting. It is a day where you and fellow pilgrims have the Island to yourself. Pilgrims often bring with them their own reflective reading others just simply like to walk the island in silent prayer, spend time in St Patrick’s Basilica or St Mary’s and soak in the atmosphere of centuries of pilgrim prayer. Davog House offers stunning views of the lake and surrounding country-side. It is a space on the Island to reflect on the beauty of creation and reconnect with the same scenery our ancestral families looked out upon down the centuries.

2024 Season Programme

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