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‘Love of God and Neighbour’ – Fr La’s new weekly series ‘Pause and Ponder with the Lough Derg Values’

Our fourth Lough Derg value: ‘Love of God and Neighbour’

Fr La’s weekly Pause and Ponder series reflects tonight on our fourth Lough Derg value: Love of God and Neighbour. “Whoever lives in love, lives in God.” Blessings

Among our Lough Derg values the fourth one: Love of God and Neighbour, will come as no surprise.

The poster at the fork on the Pilgrim Path go on to name it like this: ‘Love of God and Neighbour – after the example of Jesus who made God’s compassion real for all who came his way.’

On pilgrimage we give ourselves time for God’s love to sink down into our hearts.

On Lough Derg, the Vigil experience plays a significant part in this process.

And how often it happens that we carry others with us as we make our pilgrimage: family members, perhaps, or someone beyond the family circle who is ill or in some other vulnerable situation.

And as we do so, we ourselves become a little more compassionate, a little more like Jesus.

John, the Beloved Disciple, put it like this: Whoever lives in love, lives in God. For a few moments we pause and ponder.


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