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‘Space’ – Fr La’s new weekly series ‘Pause and Ponder with the Lough Derg Values’

Our third Lough Derg value: ‘Space’

Fr La’s weekly Pause and Ponder series reflects tonight on our third Lough Derg value: Space. “Space, for the deeper things, away from demands to be ever available and online.” Blessings

Our third Lough Derg value: Space

Lough Derg is indeed a place apart, whether on the Island or on the Pilgrim Path.  To become a pilgrim always implies the choice to come away, to step out of the flow, to enter a different space.  

This opens for us an opportunity to attend to the deeper things, the things that lie below and beyond the surface of our busy lives.

Finding such space can be a particular challenge in our fast-paced world.  Even when we come apart for some quiet time, multimedia communication can be insistent and almost inescapable. 

We may easily buy into the expectation that we need always to be available to respond immediately to an incoming call or email, tweet or post.

For some of our Lough Derg pilgrims – and not only the younger ones – the very suggestion that they might switch off their phone comes as a shock.  But when we do enter this deeper space we soon find the refreshment that it offers to our spirit.

Let us pause for some few moments even right now to ponder and respond to the Lord’s invitation: “Be still and know that I am God.”

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