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‘Authenticity’ – Fr La’s weekly series Pause and Ponder with the Lough Derg Values

Our fifth Lough Derg value: ‘Authenticity’

Fr La’s weekly Pause and Ponder series reflects tonight on our fifth Lough Derg value: Authenticity. “O Lord, you search me, and you know me.” Blessings

Value five: Authenticity

Over the days in 2021 when I was out with pilgrims on the loughshore Pilgrim Path, there were many times that pilgrims commented on one value or another: sharing with me something of how a particular value had spoken to them.

Looking back, I realise that the value that seemed to draw the warmest comments was this one: authenticity. 

The word is not one we find much in the Bible. In our Christian tradition we have been more accustomed to use the term truth.  But for us today the word ‘truth’ can come across as something abstract, detached, perhaps even cold.  

And so in naming this precious value, Lough Derg chose to call it authenticity, and to elaborate that this means being “In touch with our best and truest self, and with what really matters.”

Let us take a few moments to thank God who always sees what is best in us, and who longs for each of us to find our own deepest truth, our most authentic self.

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