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Living with Suicide Day Retreat

The space and silence make Lough Derg a truly extraordinary place.

It is an oasis of calm and safety we arrive at before we cross back to the hurly burly of everyday life. Coming out of everyday life gives us the distance to establish perspective and focus on what really matters.

The Living with Suicide Day Retreat invites those who have been affected by suicide, either through personal loss, those who minister to the suicide bereaved or work in support services the opportunity to unburden ourselves from the expectations of others and the expectations we burden ourselves with.

Being in this place apart we allow our spirits to have some breathing space.

Our key speaker on this special reteat day on Saturday 28th September 2019 is Conor McCafferty, psychotherapist, director of ZestNI and widely respected for his leading work in the area of suicide prevention and bereavement. 

In this 2 minute video we share a little about the day and then Conor reflects on what he hopes to share with everyone. He touches on how powerful the experience is on Lough Derg for all who come with the weight of this particular burden: people who have lost a loved one to suicide, people who struggle to keep themselves safe when the darkness seems complete, people who stay close to a family member or friend who may seem to be at risk, people who accompany others in these difficult situations.


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