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Lent Week One – first reflection – At St Brigid’s Bed

‘With you on your Lenten Journey’ – Week 1, first reflection – At St Brigid’s Bed 


Our Lenten pilgrimage begins at St Brigid’s Bed. Many seasoned pilgrims regard St Brigid’s as the toughest test of the Station Prayer. There are few flat stones for our feet and little option about where to kneel, unless we happen to have the space to ourselves. And maybe, just maybe, it is something to do with our resistance in getting started on yet another round of the Beds as a whole.

Lord, as I get started on my journey through these weeks of Lent, let me take them one by one and one step at a time.  Bless my good intentions with something of the commitment that the young Brigid showed in her choice to make you her companion beyond all others in the life that she chose to live.  Help me to be clear about my sense of purpose for my Lenten journey. Amen.

You may like to pause here, or to add:  Our Father… Hail Mary… I believe in God…




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