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Lenten Series – Sts Davog and Molaise’s Blessing


Apart from this Bed, the retreat centre and one of the Island boats, St Davog’s name is remembered in the viewpoint known as St Davog’s Seat and the neighbouring townland of Seadavog. The whole area as far as Pettigo once was known as Termon Davog – Davog’s Sanctuary. His feast was noted for two dates: 1st January and 21st July.  Molaise’s feastday is 18th April. He too was a monk and an abbot, and is associated with monasteries on Innishmurray Island off the Sligo coast, on Devenish Island in Lower Lough Erne and at Leighlin in Co Carlow. He is recorded as having made a pilgrimage to Rome, to the tombs of Sts Peter and Paul.    I pray:


Davog, disciple of Patrick the apostle,

Father of the Lough Derg family,

and Molaise, flame of learning and faith,

bless my way through Lent to Easter.  Amen.


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