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Reputed to be the most challenging in all of Christendom…

The Irish Times 2018


National Youth Pilgrimage 21-23 June 2019

“Oh my goodness…

what did we achieve!”

Student Group from Queen’s University,
Belfast on Pilgrimage July 2018.

Why Bishop Donal was inspired to launch the idea of a National Youth Pilgrimage on Lough Derg

Mary meets James and talks about his first experience on Lough Derg during the National Youth Pilgrimage in 2018

 Pilgrimage is a meaningful journey to a sacred place…

….the Three Day Pilgrimage enables a deep journey within, to the
sources that are truly life giving.

The series of pictures are of students from St Louis Grammar School, Ballymena. Eight students and two teachers came on pilgrimage in June 2018. The teachers have been accompanying a  group of students from the school over the past few years.


Young pilgrims, Bronwyn and Declan, two students from St Louis, taking time out after exams said they have never been anywhere so peaceful and to a place “where you can talk about anything.” Declan further commented: “This has been such a worthwhile experience, I hope to be back next year for the third time.”



Everyone’s personal pilgrim journey is special to them and pilgrims often remark that what they got from the experience was something entirely unexpected.

To quote a pilgrim who summed up the challenge of pilgrimage on Lough Derg – “Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

Lough Derg is a place of welcome…

…come as you are, friend or stranger, young or old, searching or a peace, in joy or in sadness; come to the sanctuary of St Patrick a shrine of prayer and deep awakening to the presence of God.

A Practical Guide to Your Pilgrimage

What you need to know as you plan your pilgrimage

Pilgrimage Programme
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Youth Three Day Pilgrimage Admission €64/£55.

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