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Lenten Series – The Saint’s of the Beds – St Patrick’s Blessing


It is no surprise that one of the Beds would be dedicated to St Patrick.  You may be surprised to learn that until the 12th century the main saint of Lough Derg was not Patrick but his disciple Davog who founded the monastery on Saints Island.  Patrick never lived at Lough Derg. It is his tradition of penance that is honoured here.  From his boyhood years in slavery Patrick learned how to live with very little in material terms, and to recognise the presence of God in the quiet places.  Lent, like Lough Derg, offers us an opportunity to learn or to revise these lessons.     I pray:

Patrick, captive for Christ,

apostle of the Irish,

and pilgrim preacher of the Holy Trinity,

bless my way through Lent to Easter.  Amen.


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