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Lenten series – The Saint’s of the Beds – St Columba’s Blessing


As well as the fourth penitential Bed, one of the Lough Derg boats is named for St Columba.  He was born in 521, 1500 years ago this year.  Naturally gifted and a born leader, he founded his first monastery at Derry.  A dispute over a manuscript of the Psalms that Columba had copied escalated into a battle between his kindred and the high king of the time, with much loss of life. In penance Columba undertook self-exile from Ireland.  He sailed to the Island of Iona in the Hebrides and his new monastery there became a fruitful centre of mission for Scotland and beyond. He died in 597, and his feast is kept on 9th of June.    I pray:


Columba of the grey eyes,

Colm Cille, Dove of the Church,

monk and poet, penitent and missionary,

bless my way through Lent to Easter.  Amen.

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