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Lenten Series – Reflection from St Columba’s Bed

With you on your Lenten Journey. This week’s reflection ‘At St Columba’s Bed’ is read by pilgrim, James McKenna.


Dear friends, as we pray on St Columba’s Bed, we are usually feeling relieved to be half-way through another Station Prayer.  At this half-way point on our Lenten journey, it might be good to recall that it was in the second phase of his life, in exile on Iona, that the grace of Christ really transformed Columba to make of him the witness and the saint that he became.  I wonder what aspect of my life may yet be transformed by the grace of Lent and Easter.

Lord, for these remaining weeks of Lent let me renew the commitment I made in good faith as I began the journey.  May I accept each day as your gift.  Let me smile if I catch myself wishing Lent was over. I recall those words of yours in John’s Gospel, when you said: My Father goes on working, and so do I.  Let your work and your Father’s work continue to unfold in me.  Amen.










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