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Lenten Series – Reflection from St Catherine’s Bed

With you on your Lenten Journey. This week’s reflection ‘At St Catherine’s Bed’ is read by staff member, Maureen Boyle.


Dear friends, we are into the third week of Lent.  By the time we reach St Catherine’s Bed in the Station Prayer, we are treading on more level ground and the stones are smoother.  I do not need to be quite so concerned about choosing the spot for each next step. It is good to notice how I feel at this stage on my Lenten journey. Have I settled into a wholesome rhythm?  Do I have some humble sense of making a little progress?

Lord, as I continue my journey help me to be patient with myself and with those around me.  Help me this week to lift up my eyes and look around to the wider world.  Make me more aware of those whose path is not so level, of those who may be struggling one way and another on their journey. I give you thanks for whatever is going well for me. Teach me not to take your grace for granted. Amen.

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