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Lenten Series – Reflection – At St Brendan’s Bed

With you on your Lenten Journey. This week’s reflection ‘At St Brendan’s Bed’ is read by Pilgrim Mark McDonnell.


As we settle into the routine of our Lenten journey we come in our imagination this week to St Brendan’s Bed. Many of us can well remember the ridges in the stone under our feet as we pick our way across from St Brigid’s, and that great mass of smooth bedrock at a perilous slope within the circle of the bed. We remember the relief it is to have these two Beds behind us… at least until the next time.

Lord, help me to be honest with myself and with you about the times when the going in my life is rough.  Help me in those moments when I must struggle to keep my sense of balance.  May I always appreciate the hand that offers help on my daily round.  May I be wise about where I choose to make my stand and humble when it comes the time to kneel.  Guide me in my choices, day by day. Amen.

You may like to pause here, or to add:  Our Father… Hail Mary… I believe in God…




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