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Lenten journey – the fourth station presented by the apostle Andrew

The Fourth Station

Here is James, son of Zebedee, the first of the twelve to die for Jesus. He is shown with a pilgrim staff, a reference to his famous shrine at Compostella in Spain.



It was now three years since he had left home.  Mary had brought him into the world, and cared for him as a child.  Now she was with him again to give him some of her strength, just by being there in his time of need.

Lord, we too can help – our families, our friends, those we love and those we do not even know very well – just by being there: by being available, by keeping in touch, by turning up in times of trouble.

We pause for some quiet moments of prayer, our eyes on “the outstretched arms of Christ Crucified….”

Save us, Saviour of the World, for by your Cross and Resurrection you have set us free.

Read by Fr La Flynn and Mary McDaid.

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