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Lenten Journey – second station presented by the apostle Paul

The Second Station

We continue our Lenten journey with the Lough Derg Way of the Cross. Today we entrust our prayer time to St Paul – he holds the second station. Once a persecutor of the Way of Jesus, he experienced the grace of conversion on the Damascus road and became a fearless preacher of the crucified and risen Lord.


The cross was heavy, a beam of solid wood; the journey, a struggle through narrow and uneven streets, with a hostile crowd looking on.

Lord, we each have a cross to carry.  When life is difficult, tedious or painful we sometimes complain and look for an easy way out.  Give us strength each day to carry our own cross.

We pause for some quiet moments of prayer, our eyes on “the outstretched arms of Christ Crucified….”

Save us, Saviour of the world for by your Cross and Resurrection you have set us free.

We invite you to come back to this video in your own time and gaze on the images of the cross as you journey through Lent.

Fr La Flynn


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