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Jubilee Year of Mercy on Lough Derg – Season 2016

22 Dec 2015

Unique in the world is the Lough Derg Pilgrimage. It is therefore specially placed to enable pilgrims to enter into the Jubilee Holy Year of Mercy in a personal and unique way. Pope Francis has placed pilgrimage at the heart of the Jubilee year and so Lough Derg looks forward to welcoming many, many pilgrims in the course of the Pilgrimage Season in 2016.

This sacred space and peaceful setting make the Island a truly extraordinary place to celebrate the extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy 

The Jubilee Pilgrimage Season opens on 1st May 2016.

For this Jubilee, the Pope has, for the first time, called on cathedrals and shrines of special significance all over the world, toopen their own Holy Door, to act as “Doors of Mercy”, so that pilgrims everywhere can experience the symbolism of the Holy Door.

Lough Derg will officially open the Holy Door at St Patrick’s Basilica on Sunday 1st May 2016 – the first One Day Retteat of the new Pilgrimage Season. The Papal Nuncio, Arch-bishop Charles Brown, will offically open the Holy Door and Jubilee Pilgrimage season – further details to be confirmed.

Every pilgrim who enters the Basilica during their Retreat or Pilgrimage in 2016 will pass through the Holy Door – always open and symbolising God standing, waiting on the threshold to welcomme us with open arms into his mercy.

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