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09 Jun 2016

A new book opens the mystery of this ancient treasure trove
to a whole new generation

The Irish Catholic Newspaper and Lough Derg launched a new book ‘Lough Derg, Island of Quiet Miracles’ on the sacred Island at the opening weekend of the Three Day Pilgrimage on Ireland’s oldest living pilgrimage site.

Speaking about the launch of the new book, Michael Kelly Managing Editor of The Irish Catholic Newspaper, said, “Lough Derg is such a powerhouse of spirituality in Ireland. It’s an island that has been made holy by countless generations of Irish people who have come to Lough Derg in good times and bad. Every time I come to the island, it’s like stepping in to a different world where there is space to see life in perspective. I’m delighted to be involved in the publication of this wonderful new book, and Fr Conway deserves great credit for the fact that the book opens up Lough Derg to a whole new generation of pilgrims whilst at the same time rekindling the importance of the spiritual heritage of the place for people who have, perhaps, been dozens of times.

“The great strength of the book is that it is not an outsider’s perspective, or a preachy book telling pilgrims how they ‘should’ experience Lough Derg, but it is based on Fr Conway’s own experiences on the island over more than 30 years and his journeying with and listening to the varied reasons that bring pilgrims to the island and keep them coming back.

“There’s something in Island of Quiet Miracles for everyone, and it explores Lough Derg as a place where great things happen, but often in small ways”.

Author, Rev Prof Eamonn Conway, said, “This is first and foremost a book about Christian spirituality. It is one account of how a relationship with God might be supported and nurtured. Pilgrimage can play a key part in opening ourselves up to the mystery of God, and as pilgrimages go, Lough Derg has to be one of the most unique, and, in my view, one of the best. Through the centuries it has been a privileged place of encounter with God, a place of healing, a place where people have battled with and defeated their demons, whatever these might be, anything that diminishes us as human beings.

Lough Derg continues to be that place today, a sanctuary where people can go to experience in a direct and tangible way the mercy and healing of God. I hope this book will be a guide for pilgrims old and new, and perhaps also a help along the spiritual journey for those who cannot go the holy island but journey towards God in their hearts.”

Lough Derg Prior, Father Owen McEneaney, said, “This book is timely in that it opens the treasure-trove that is Lough Derg. It is a must read about a pilgrimage that has the potential to transform your life: whether seeking answers to life’s questions, searching for direction or simply reflecting on life-changing decisions or giving thanks to God: the book itself through its engaging invitation to experience the unique gift that is Lough Derg, captures the often talked about magnetism of the Island.”

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