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The Labyrinth of Lough Derg

While not a part of Lough Derg’s ancient heritage, the Lough Derg labyrinth fits here given the ancient history of labyrinths in sacred places.

Created in 2004, the labyrinth rests on the site of the old ladies hostel, directly opposite the Basilica.



Labyrinths have been a feature of religious expression for many centuries. Just as labyrinths have puzzled people for thousands of years, Lough Derg has always been a bit of an enigma – a place where people fast and walk barefoot and walk in circles repeatedely does not make much sense to those on the outside-but to the pilgrim the experience is profound.

A labyrinth then with its seemingly endless twists and turns is therefore a good fit for this ancient site of pilgrimage. As we begin to understand the importance of integrating mind, body and spirit to achieve true wellbeing, the labyrinth can act as a tool.Unlike mazes you cannot get lost in a labyrinth – they have just one path-they are about guidance, trust and reflection – it acts as a metaphor for the journey of life.

Our labyrinth at Lough Derg compliments the ancient body prayer that constitutes the penitential exercises of the tradtional pilgrimage. It was designed by a young pilgrim, Marcus Flannery.

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