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Fr La extends a word of welcome to all those planning the pilgrimage in the final few weeks of the 2019 Pilgrimage Season

Fr La Flynn, Prior of Lough Derg, extends a word of welcome to everyone who is planning their Three Day Pilgrimage over the remaining two weeks of the Three Day Pilgrimage Season.

“Hello from Lough Derg where we are now in the final two weeks of this year’s Three Day Pilgrimage Season. At this time of year I am looking forward, very much, to those who I know always come at this time of the year. Some who come over the Bank Holiday weekend, some who come the first full weekend in August and some who come for the last Three Day Pilgrimage from the 13th to the 15th August. Of course we will be glad to welcome those who do not come quite so regularly but after a few years decide they are coming again. I look forward, no doubt, to welcoming people who will come for their very first time in these last two weeks and I am looking forward to making the pilgrimage myself. I haven’t had my shoes off yet this year and I have a few days marked out when, with a good friend of mine, we will hope to make the pilgrimage. 

Beyond what I am looking forward to, beyond what I can anticipate, there will always be what I cannot anticipate there will be all that God does in the earts of those who come here and all that God’s grace does in the ongoing pilgrimage of life for those who come to seek the Lord who is never outdone in generosity.

May the God of Patrick the Pilgrim be with you on your pilgrimage of life.



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