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Fifth Sunday of Lent

The Eleventh Station from the Lough Derg Way of the Cross

This apostle is known as Judas or Jude.  At the Last Supper he asked Jesus, “Lord, what is this all about?” His straightforward question drew from Jesus the promise of the gift of the Spirit and of the peace that the world cannot give.


 “Without beauty, without majesty we saw him… a thing despised and rejected by men… a man to make people hide their faces.”  (Isaiah 53:2-3)

It was all very cruel and barbaric, Lord.  Blinded by hatred, nobody stopped to think.  It is sad that we still treat people in this way, when we fail to see in them the image of God.  Forgive us, Lord, for the violence in our lives and in our society.

We pause for some quiet moments of prayer, our eyes on “the outstretched arms of Christ Crucified….”

Save us, Saviour of the World, for by your Cross and Resurrection you have set us free.

Read by Fr La Flynn and Mary McDaid

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