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Bernard surprised us….

21 September 2020

Yesterday, Sunday 20th September, the Pilgrimage along the Lakeshore on the Lough Derg Pilrim Path resumed following the easing of Government restrictions on outdoor events on 15 September.

The weather was splendid and pilgrims were in great spirits and really enjoyed the opportunity to experience Lough Derg in a very different way – viewing the island from a distance yet making a deliberate connection with the centuries-old tradition of pilgrimage through prayer, contemplation and walking. 

Bernard, a regular Three Day Pilgrim, surprised us all when we took a rest at the viewing point for Saint’s Island and enjoyed his snack; black tea and dry toast – he simply wanted to bring the spirit of Lough Derg with him on his journey!

Here’s what he said…

Join Fr La next weekend, Saturday 26th September, on the Pilgrimage along the Lakeshore on the Lough Derg Pilgrim Path. Details and booking here  

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