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2014 Three Day Pilgrimage Season Opens

29 May 2014

“A well-spring of living water”

The words of new Prior Fr Owen McEneaney to describe Lough Derg’s

continued appeal ahead of the opening of thecenturies-old

Three Day Pilgrimage on Friday 30th May

New Prior extends a warm invitation to young and old alike to come on pilgrimage to Lough Derg a place apart and take rest.

At the beginning of his first Pilgrimage Season as Prior, Fr McEneaney says; “Lough Derg, ‘a well-spring of living water, is like a ‘detox’ helping to bring heart, mind and soul into balance. Lough Derg’s new season message ‘Come as you are… a quiet place and rest a while’ echoes the invitation of Jesus to his disciples when he called them away for a while as so many were coming and going that they didn’t even have time to eat.” (Mark 6:31)

Fr Owen continued; “In today’s fast paced/pressured life style, where people are continually connected to smart phones and tablet devices – time for oneself – time to come to the table of life, to be present to the deeper meaning of life and to sip the joy of life – is getting lost.

In today’s technology driven world doing the Lough Derg pilgrimage may be counter cultural but it survives through the generations because, as a pilgrim put it, ‘it is a place of pilgrimage with a powerful magnetism that is difficult to explain.’ I believe in this magnetism – our fore-fathers and mothers journeyed to pray for their families and we are their families today and our children will be Lough Derg’s families of tomorrow.

People continue to come for a myriad of reasons – to give thanks, to find themselves, to make sense of something or everything, to draw closer to God, to offer the pilgrimage for someone and for others it is the challenge to just do it.”

This unique place of pilgrimage welcomes people on Three Day Pilgrimage from Friday 30th May until Wednesday 13th August.

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