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Welcome, dear friends, to our Lough Derg Prayer Space

A prayerful word from Fr La at this time of health crisis across the world.       


The transcript of this audio is provided further down this page. As Fr La promises, we will bring your petitions before the Lord. To write a petition, just click in the space provided below.

 Prayers of Petition 

Although public Masses are suspended at present, be assured that now, more than ever, Fr La will include your intentions in the Liturgy of the Hours and in his daily Mass, said privately. We do not yet know when Lough Derg will be able to return to our normal seasonal programmes. In the meantime our online platforms carry a range of prayer resources that you may find helpful. and

Please respect the privacy of those you are praying for and do not include their last name in your petition.


Add your Prayer of Petition Here


Included below is the transcript of the above audio;

“The Covid-19 crisis is impacting more deeply day-by-day on us and on our society.

In the face of it all, we find ourselves being tested in many ways.  Even people of deep faith may be finding it hard to follow the counsel of the Psalmist, who urges us: Cast your care upon the Lord, and he will sustain you (Ps 56.23). 

St Patrick writes in his Confession that this is his outlook and so he can leave himself in the hands of God. (Confession 55)

In this difficult time, we hope that the prayer resources we are posting on our Lough Derg online platforms may be of help to you.

But just now I want to say a particular word about prayer of petition.

Personally I have found much encouragement in Pope Francis’ letter Rejoice and be Glad, where he reminds us that “Prayer of petition is an expression of a heart that trusts in God and realizes that of itself it can do nothing.” (no 154)

And he continues, “Let us not downplay prayer of petition, which so often calms our hearts and helps us persevere in hope.” Calm hearts, and remaining steadfast in hope!  What a blessing such gifts would be.

So in this present time of anxiety, Lough Derg wants to echo for you the message of St Patrick: Cast your care upon the Lord. God will sustain you.

In that spirit, you might take a few moments right now to put some words on your prayer.  If you like, you are welcome to send your petition to us here at Lough Derg.

In any case, be sure that we are praying for you.      

Slán go fóill.”

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