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New Pilgrimage

Update January 2021

Lough Derg is unable to offer the ‘New Pilgrimage along the Lakeshore’ due to the current pandemic restrictions in place from the Irish Government.

The Pilgrim Path remains open for personal prayer and pilgrimage, subject to the travel limitations and other government regulations in force at any given time.



In response to the challenge faced in 2020 due to the Covid-Pandemic Lough Derg launched a New Pilgrimage at the Lakeshore. 

The Lough Derg Pilgrim Path is the setting for the new Pilgrimage.

Ecouraged by the many enquiries from pilgrims who were missing their annual opportunity to come to the island we turned our attention to what we could offer within the Government guidelines. The outcome was the new ‘Pilgrimage on the Lough Derg Lakeshore.’ 

In Penal times when pilgrims arrived at the lakeshore to find they could not cross over to Station Island they were resourceful and made their pilgrimage on the lakeshore. It is in this spirit that we invite you to ‘Walk and Pray’ along the Lough Derg Pilgrim Path.

In the following video Fr La speaks about the new Pilgrimage on the Lough Derg Lakeshore.

2021 Season Programme

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