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Pilgrimage Season 2017

21 Feb 2017

The 2017 Pilgrimage Season will begin on Monday 1st May 2017 with One Day Retreats and continue on certain days throughout May, late August and September – usually on Saturday’s & Sunday’s and on a number of days during the week.

The Three Day Pilgrimage Season commences on Thursday 1st June and one can begin their pilgrimage on any day from 1st June up to and including Sunday 13th August 2017. The Three Day Pilgrimage ends on Tuesday 15th August 2017.

There are a number of other special day retreats in May and September, for more details visit

2016 Membership Draw

07 Nov 2016
Full details on the 2016 Draw are available on the following link Friends of Lough Derg, benefactors, donors and all the pilgrim community we thank you for your ongoing support. You are a big part of Lough Derg and your support enables us to keep connected with our mission to preserve this ‘living place of Pilgrimage’ for future generations. You bless us with our financial support in many ways – selling and buying the Annual Draw Tickets, being a member of the Friends of Lough Derg and through individual generous personal donations. We rely on your support and in turn offer you the support of our prayers throughout the year.


14 Aug 2016

Time out in the nurturing peace of Lough Derg – the sanctuary of St Patrick offers an oasis of calm from the pressures and challenges of daily life...

To come to Lough Derg on a Day Retreat presents the opportunity to experience the grace of this place apart. Coming away from the everyday life offers the space to look at the past with understanding, make sense of the present and look to the shores of new possibilities. It is our hope that the Day Retreats present an opportunity to come and experience this unique place of peace.


QUIET DAY – Friday 2nd September 2016
To find out more details/booking click here

A DAY OF FRIENDSHIP AND PRAYER – Wednesday 14th September 2016
To find out more about this Ecumenical Day/booking click here

LIVING WITH SUICIDE DAY RETREAT – Wednesday 21st September 2016
To find out more about this special retreat contact Sharon or Maureen on 00353 (0) 71 9861518

Admission varies for the above events.
Please contact Lough Derg on 00353 (0) 71 9861518

One Day Retreats are guided days of prayer and reflection.
To find out more details on what days are available/booking click here

The day retreat is open to adults and not suited to children.
Fasting or walking barefooted is not required on any of the above events.


09 Jun 2016

A new book opens the mystery of this ancient treasure trove
to a whole new generation

The Irish Catholic Newspaper and Lough Derg launched a new book ‘Lough Derg, Island of Quiet Miracles’ on the sacred Island at the opening weekend of the Three Day Pilgrimage on Ireland’s oldest living pilgrimage site.

Speaking about the launch of the new book, Michael Kelly Managing Editor of The Irish Catholic Newspaper, said, “Lough Derg is such a powerhouse of spirituality in Ireland. It’s an island that has been made holy by countless generations of Irish people who have come to Lough Derg in good times and bad. Every time I come to the island, it’s like stepping in to a different world where there is space to see life in perspective. I’m delighted to be involved in the publication of this wonderful new book, and Fr Conway deserves great credit for the fact that the book opens up Lough Derg to a whole new generation of pilgrims whilst at the same time rekindling the importance of the spiritual heritage of the place for people who have, perhaps, been dozens of times.

“The great strength of the book is that it is not an outsider’s perspective, or a preachy book telling pilgrims how they ‘should’ experience Lough Derg, but it is based on Fr Conway’s own experiences on the island over more than 30 years and his journeying with and listening to the varied reasons that bring pilgrims to the island and keep them coming back.

“There’s something in Island of Quiet Miracles for everyone, and it explores Lough Derg as a place where great things happen, but often in small ways”.

Author, Rev Prof Eamonn Conway, said, “This is first and foremost a book about Christian spirituality. It is one account of how a relationship with God might be supported and nurtured. Pilgrimage can play a key part in opening ourselves up to the mystery of God, and as pilgrimages go, Lough Derg has to be one of the most unique, and, in my view, one of the best. Through the centuries it has been a privileged place of encounter with God, a place of healing, a place where people have battled with and defeated their demons, whatever these might be, anything that diminishes us as human beings.

Lough Derg continues to be that place today, a sanctuary where people can go to experience in a direct and tangible way the mercy and healing of God. I hope this book will be a guide for pilgrims old and new, and perhaps also a help along the spiritual journey for those who cannot go the holy island but journey towards God in their hearts.”

Lough Derg Prior, Father Owen McEneaney, said, “This book is timely in that it opens the treasure-trove that is Lough Derg. It is a must read about a pilgrimage that has the potential to transform your life: whether seeking answers to life’s questions, searching for direction or simply reflecting on life-changing decisions or giving thanks to God: the book itself through its engaging invitation to experience the unique gift that is Lough Derg, captures the often talked about magnetism of the Island.”

Hundreds have crossed the threshold of mercy for the first Lough Derg pilgrimage of 2016

05 May 2016

Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown opened the Holy Door of Mercy at St Patrick's Basilica to inaugurate the Jubilee of Mercy pilgrimage season.

The season began on Sunday 1st May and one day retreats will continue on certain days until May 30.

The Three Day Pilgrimage Season commences on Wednesday June 1 until 15 August.

Pilgrims can begin their pilgrimage on any day up to and including August 13, with one day retreats recommencing after this on Sunday August 21.

During the three day pilgrimage, pilgrims make `stations' - they walk barefoot, kneel on the hallowed beds, fast, pray and keep vigil.

On one day retreats, pilgrims enter into a day of prayer and reflection and keep footwear on.

Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Charles Brown, said Lough Derg was very special as it was for all pilgrims.

"It is really wonderful that during this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, pilgrims have the opportunity to pass through a specially dedicated holy door on this holy island," he said.

"By doing so we, the pilgrims to Lough Derg - in the words of Pope Francis himself - ask, `the Father to forgive our sins and to bathe us in his merciful indulgence'."

Bishop of Clogher Liam MacDaid said: "Having a Door of Mercy, in this extraordinary Jubilee Year, puts Lough Derg on a par with the major shrines and holy places of pilgrimage and retreat throughout the world. We are deeply grateful to His Holiness Pope Francis for his thoughtfulness and we warmly welcome again to Lough Derg his representative, the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Brown."

Lough Derg Prior, Fr Owen McEneaney, said the island shrine was a sacred space of mercy and everyone was invited to "come and let God's mercy find you on Lough Derg".

"It is a special sanctuary of peace and personal challenge. There are no outsiders here: everyone is equal," he said.

"During 2016, I invite pilgrims into a new a commitment: if you are seeking time out from the daily grind of the everyday to come and walk in the footsteps of our forebears. Lough Derg reaches out to those in need: whatever your creed, background, personal circumstances or religious practice, everyone is most welcome."

2016 Ecumenical Day of Friendship & Prayer on Wednesday 14th September

25 Jan 2016

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Ecumenical Day of Friendship & Prayer on Lough Derg, previously held on Ash Wednesday, will take place this year on Wednesday 14th September.

Guest speaker Most Rev Patricia Storey, Church of Ireland Bishp of Meath & Kildare.

The Island will open on Sunday 1st May 2016 for the One Day Retreats. For more information contact us on



Jubilee Year of Mercy on Lough Derg - Season 2016

22 Dec 2015

Unique in the world is the Lough Derg Pilgrimage. It is therefore specially placed to enable pilgrims to enter into the Jubilee Holy Year of Mercy in a personal and unique way. Pope Francis has placed pilgrimage at the heart of the Jubilee year and so Lough Derg looks forward to welcoming many, many pilgrims in the course of the Pilgrimage Season in 2016.

This sacred space and peaceful setting make the Island a truly extraordinary place to celebrate the extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy 

The Jubilee Pilgrimage Season opens on 1st May 2016.

For this Jubilee, the Pope has, for the first time, called on cathedrals and shrines of special significance all over the world, toopen their own Holy Door, to act as "Doors of Mercy", so that pilgrims everywhere can experience the symbolism of the Holy Door.

Lough Derg will officially open the Holy Door at St Patrick's Basilica on Sunday 1st May 2016 - the first One Day Retteat of the new Pilgrimage Season. The Papal Nuncio, Arch-bishop Charles Brown, will offically open the Holy Door and Jubilee Pilgrimage season - further details to be confirmed.

Every pilgrim who enters the Basilica during their Retreat or Pilgrimage in 2016 will pass through the Holy Door - always open and symbolising God standing, waiting on the threshold to welcomme us with open arms into his mercy.

To find out more about the Lough Derg Jubilee Pilgrimage Season contact us at


Welcome to September on Lough Derg

01 Sep 2015

Lough Derg continues to offer a sacred space during September - an oasis of calm from teh pressures and challenges of daily life. 


September 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 14, 15, 19 & 20

One Day Retreats follow a programme of prayer and reflection.


September 1st 

A self-directed day of reflection on the sacred Island.


Wednesday 23rd September 

A Retreat day for adults who have been affected by suicide, either through personal loss or with suicidal ideation, or those ministering to the suicide bereaved or working in support services.

(fasting or walking barefooted is not required on One Day Retreats or Special Retreat Days)

Booking is essential for all events. For more detailed information on any of the above events please contact Lough Derg on 00353 (0) 71 9861518 or email

Three Day Pilgrimage Season Now Open

29 May 2015

Three Day Pilgrimage season opened on Friday 29th May 2015.

One can begin their Three Day Pilgrimage on any day up until 13th August 2015. 

Come and be part of the story and pass on the treasure!

Lough Derg is a place of welcome where no one is judged and everyone is equal. It is a holy place of deep pastoral care for all those who make the journey - just as they are.

From generation to generation Lough Derg continues to hold its appeal. Coming away from everyday life offers the space to look at the past with understanidng, make sense of the present and look to the shores of new possibilities.

As one pilgrim put it; "To hear the whisper of the Lord, you must turn down the volume of the world. find time to disconnect from everything around you and be still in His presence."

To find out more detail about the Three Day Pilgrimage please go to the home page on and click on Three Day Pilgrimage. Or telephone 00353 71 9861518 or email


Themed Retreat Days Season 2015

20 Apr 2015

In the tranquil sanctuary of Lough Derg tailored Retreat Days offer something a little different to the traditional Three Day Pilgrimage and One Day Retreat. The Season ahead has a number of special days - we invite you to take a detour from your daily routine and experience the peace of Lough Derg.

Hope and Encouragement for a new beginning Day Retreat - Wed 20th May 

A day beneficial to adults who are struggling with any issues that are holding them back or hurting their lives.

Senior's Afternoon - Tues 26th May 

This is an ideal outing for the residents of Nursing Homes and/or Day Care Centres or a day trip for active senior's groups - everyone is welcome from all churches. 

Family Day - Fri 21st August

A day dedicated to families offering the opportunity to renew the family relationship with God.

Living with Suicide - Wed 23rd September

A day for adults who have been affected by suicide, either through personal loss, those who minister to the suicide bereaved or work in support services.

Quiet Day - Wed 13th May & Tues 1st Sept

A self-directed day in the peaceful Island setting.

Admission varies for each of the individual Retreats. To find out more contact Lough Derg on 00353 (0) 71 9861518.